Financial Adviser Pay Per Click Ads

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads for Financial Services Firms

Google ads is the most powerful digital marketing platform. It uses an auction-based system to enable targeted financial adviser pay per click ads to be served in Google search results, as well as on other Google properties. Google ads are extremely sophisticated. They can be served based on your target client’s current and historic search queries.

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Research and Planning

The first step is to identify a niche market segment. Then we identify keywords which are relevant to your firm’s services. We use these keywords to create your financial adviser pay per click ads campaign, tailored to appeal to your target niche.

Customer Value Model

We recommend how much to bid based on your customer value model. We construct the model using your average case size, lifetime customer value, anticipated click through and anticipated conversion rates.

Campaign Set Up

We combine keyword research with our financial services expertise to create compelling financial copy for your pay per click ads. We build landing pages for your website including compliance friendly custom content.

Testing and Optimising

Your ads are refined to improve conversions. We vary the ad copy to test what works best for your firm and to keep your copy fresh.

Similarly, we edit and create landing pages to improve performance.


We provide monthly reports to show you exactly how your ad budget is being spent, show click through rates and monitor conversion rates.

Google Search and Display

Search ads appear in the search results on the results page in They’re very effective at driving traffic to your website at the precise moment your prospect is looking to engage your services.

Other websites allow you to display your ads on their websites. Through Display Network ads, you can follow your known prospect as they browse other sites and remind them about your brand. A prompt or reminder for them to take action can drive more traffic to your site.


How much does it cost to run Google Ads?

We agree an initial project strategy fee to plan your campaign, usually £450. This fee covers our research, construction of your customer value model, copywriting and landing page build. You pay an ongoing flat monthly fee of £250 plus 15% of your Ad spend. This covers the constant refinements to improve your conversions including copy re-writes, landing page tweaks and your regular monthly reports. We recommend you budget for an ad spend of at least £500 pm. We recommend you run a Google Ads campaign alongside an SEO optimisation project. The initial fee is the same as for a standalone Google Ads project – £450, and the ongoing monthly fee is slightly higher at £425. as your enquiries from SEO derived organic search increase, you can gradually reduce your paid advertising spend. If your budget is lower than this please get in touch to discuss your options.

Are results guaranteed?

Unfortunately, not. However, the average conversion rate from clicks to clients across all firms is 3.75% for Search and 0.77% for display.

Initially we use these rates, combined with your customer value model, to project your ROI. For example, for Google Search Ads, let’s assume your ad budget is £500 pm and your average cost per click is £10.

This implies a total of 50 visitors to your site from your financial adviser pay per click ad campaign. Based on the industry wide conversion rate, from 50 visitors you’d expect to convert to around two to clients (the average conversion rate implies 1.875 clients) i.e. If your average initial new business fee is £1,000, and your lifetime customer value is, say £3,000, your initial fee would give you a profit of 50% over your ad spend and your ongoing fees would substantially improve on this margin.

How long does it take to get results?

Each business is different, but we expect to see click through results immediately. The time you’ll take to convert enquiries to clients reflects your monthly ad spend, your visitor to enquiry conversion rate (this is usually more than your overall conversion from visitor to client rate) and your lead time from enquiry to client.

Using the figures from the example we quote in the ‘are results guaranteed question, there’s a chance that your two conversions to clients over the course of a calendar month could both take place on day one, or equally both could happen on day 31.

In practice, your enquiries are more likely to be spread out throughout the month rather than concentrated on just one day. Combined with this, you will win more than two clicks from your ad spend during the month, because the conversion to client rate we quote is the average across firms for successful sales rather than the visitors to your site. This means you’ll earn between five and ten enquiries from your monthly campaign, two of which you could expect to result in successful sales.

You should also take into account the lead time to take a prospect from an initial enquiry all the way through to becoming a new client. Let’s say it takes you 3 weeks from receipt of a new enquiry to agree acceptance of terms. If both of your successful enquires arrived on day 31, this would imply a client invoice or commission becoming due to you on day 52. Put another way, you should budget for two months of ad spend before you earn a positive return.

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