Financial Services Social Media Marketing StrategY

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisers, IFAs and Mortgage Brokers

Social Media is word of mouth on steroids. There’s a good chance your potential clients will discover your brand on a social media channel before they find it elsewhere. With a financial services social media marketing strategy you can reach more new clients. We create regular search optimised posts for your preferred social media channels. Combine this with an up to date website design. Win new clients.

How It Works

Our core service uses social media channels to help you build trust in your brand. In the UK there are 45 million Facebook and 28 million LinkedIn users. The average person in the UK spends over 100 minutes every day browsing social media. Social media pages offer you an easy way to contact with them. Financial services firms can use these channels to find new prospects and build trust in their brands. We build and develop social pages. You then use your pages to build productive relationships with your audience. We provide the strategy, resources and the guidance for you to succeed.

Three financial services social media marketing experts standing up working on a pencil and paper design for a financial adviser digital marketing campaign
A financial services social media marketing expert seated studying a laptop screen and a paper report about market niche analysis for a financial services firm

Identify Your Niche

If you target a large competitive market segment it will be difficult for you to stand out. We work with you to identify a niche in your target market. A niche gives you a solid foundation for you to build your brand on. It helps you to gain more traction in a shorter time. You get a ROI quickly. If you start with a solid foundation you’ll be more successful when you expand your offer to the wider marketplace.


Before it can help your firm a social media marketing agency must first understand your business. It can time to teach an agency how your business works. We are financial services experts. We already understand your business and your markets. We can spend more time learning about your goals because we understand your business and your market and we take less time to build your financial services social media strategy.

Financial services social media marketing research displayed on an iPad
A desktop computer display showing the key steps to create a financial adviser website including content, optimisation, promotion and engagement

Content Creation

We underpin content creation with our knowledge of the financial services marketplace. This means we can quickly create compliance friendly content for your firm. Our content is designed to engage with your target clients. With clear calls to action, it’s designed to attract enquiries to your firm.


We prepare a monthly social media marketing report for you. Your report analyses all the activities on your social channels. This includes your post views and engagement. It compares the results of the current month with the those of the previous month. It shows you how well your campaign is doing and your ROI. It includes recommendations for future development. The recommendations are designed to increase your ROI.

Become a Thought Leader

Good social media practice dictates you publish topical content regularly. This puts you and your firm in front of your audience. Your audience will share good quality content and this can help you to gain exposure to new audiences. As your audience grows your reputation will grow, and you will build new client relationships.

A financial services expert seated at a table in a shirt and tie looking at a financial services social media marketing brief

Pay Per Click Ads

You can laser target an audience using a paid ads campaign. Paid ads are immediately served to your target audience. They don’t rely on social sharing and engagement. They offer a quick route to market and give you an instant ROI.

Turbo charge your results. Combine a paid ads campaign via a social channel with a Google Ads campaign and an onsite SEO strategy.


How long does it take to get results?

Each business is different. We expect to see click through results from paid ads immediately. The time you’ll take to convert enquiries to clients reflects your enquiry conversion rate and your lead time from enquiry to client.

For organic results, the tighter and more popular the niche, the shorter the time it will take for you to generate new enquiries. You should allow 3 months before you begin to see new unpaid enquiries. Enquiries will compound over time, and over the first twelve months we expect them to grow exponentially.

How much does it cost to a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

We agree an initial project strategy fee to plan your campaign, usually £450. This fee covers our research, construction of your customer value model, copywriting and a landing page build.

You pay a minimum monthly fee of £250 for content. This fee covers copywriting and imagery for 4 posts. Each post will be posted on your LinkedIn, Facebook and Blog pages.

You can add a pay per click (PPC) campaign for a fee equivalent to 15% of your monthly Ad spend. Your PPC fee covers ongoing refinements to improve your conversion rate including copy re-writes, landing page tweaks and your regular monthly report. If you add a pay per click campaign, we recommend you budget for an ad spend of at least £300 pm. If your budget is lower than this, please get in touch to discuss your options.

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